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Island of D2
Sunday, 05 July 2009 01:46
Island of D2
"A ONE player Fantasy Adventure Card Game. No bookkeeping, NO DICE, just you and the cards and a token and an adventure!"
Version: 2005
Author: Jack Darwid
BGG: 19212


One year after the Black Knight's defeat. The Village of Dawn is in grave danger. Not only two of the village's special items were stolen, but the great and wise Village Elder Of Dawn has missing for months without a trace. Soon after, Goblins and Orcs have appeared and begun terrorizing the village, and even worse are the bandits, for it is said that their mysterious leader is invincible, he can heal his wounds in seconds! A brave local spy was able to return with vital yet horrifying information, that in two weeks the bandits will attack with full force to completely take over the Village Of Dawn! In these desperate hours the Guildmaster Of Dawn had no choice but to send a messenger for help to the nearby village, Dew.

They suffered and they prayed... and now in their most critical moment, YOU are their answer, the hero who saved the island by defeating the Black Knight a year before. By the time you arrive at the Village of Dawn, you have only 8 days left until the bandits invade. After gathering some information while eating breakfast with the Guildmaster, you start your adventure to save Dawn?


Sample Card


Sample Card

Find the High Priest in the Temple and have him create a Dispel Potion, then find the Bandit Lair and defeat the mysterious Bandit Leader in his own turf, but you must hurry, time is running out! -Rulebook


Full Package
Contains the rules and all cards ready to be printed out.
Version: 05.2009
Author: Jack Darwid
Download: Zip Archive
Alternate Rules Package
Contains the rules in pocketmod format and in a one column format.
Version: See individual files
Author: See individual files
Download: Zip Archive