What games should be added?
Friday, 22 May 2009 22:04
What exactly is the idea behind this site?
The "idea" is to collect the best resources concerning free game rules in one convenient place. This includes (but is not limited to) whole game systems as well as documents focusing on individual rules only. A further purpose is to provide a place where interested players can look up the rules no matter where they are, without searching through primary material such as published books. However, the site is not meant to be a repository for character sheets, tools, NPCs, adventures and whatnot, as the site's focus should firmly remain on game rules and game systems.

Is this site illegal?
You wish! No, it isn't. All systems, documents, downloadable content and resources on this site are available for free all over the Internet. This site is simply a reliable and easy-to-use collection of them. However, the resources you can access and download here may have their own limitations and restrictions. For example, a PDF with the complete rules of a system may be free to download and use but you are maybe not allowed to modify and redistribute it. Please check each individual resource you want to work with for those restrictions.

I have a lot of elven porn, want to host it?
That's a kind offer (PM me please) but, officially, this site does not exist to host anything else than resources and content concerning game rules. And I'm not talking about reference material for pornomancy. If you have created something that could fit in this category (game rules, not pornomancy), then you are most welcome to submit it and I may add it to the site (pending further consideration). Please use the forum to submit or suggest material.

Your English stinks!
And you fight like a cow! - Seriously, you are welcome to out point typographical and grammatical errors on this site (forums exempted!) if you find them sufficiently grievous.

Who the hell are you?
That's not important. If, however, you’re wondering why I put up this site then my answer would be as follows. I’m a huge fan of roleplaying games. Surrounding the demise of D&D 3.x – the rule systems my site was dedicated to – there was so much bitching and moaning all over the 'net that I pretty much stopped participating in the online fan community as was. I wanted to do something productive instead. You’re looking straight at the result. It might not be everything to everyone, but hey, at least I'm having fun reading stuff on my own site.