What games should be added?
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Exceptional Artwork in RPGs
Sunday, 28 June 2009 22:05

Books are a thing of the past aren't they? Nowadays, the internet is the primary resource for information to stimulate our brain and movies/music stimulate our soul. I'm inclined to support this claim with one exception, well two actually. Roleplaying books and graphic novels. What's better than to get home and unwrap this new shiny book you just bought and enjoy these objects of beauty. Here we go, eight roleplaying books that I think are the top of the crop. (read)

Initiative- und Ablaufsysteme
Sunday, 31 May 2009 19:52
Nachfolgend eine kleine √úbersicht der mir bekannten Initiative- und Ablaufsysteme in Spielen jeglicher Art. Die Namen der Systeme sind einfach erfundene Bezeichnungen. P&P, Boardgame, Cardgame und so weiter sind hier nicht verbindlich, sondern sollen nur das Beispiel einordnen.